When working with me for the long term, I will guide you using my framework below – to achieve tangible, lasting results.

babs ofori framework coaching


We often try to improve areas of our life from a place of negativity. We know what we don’t want so we work hard to avoid it. But actually, before we can start we need to take an honest, judgment-free look at where we’re starting from. ‘Judgement free’ being key!


I’m a firm believer that once you’re clear on where you want to go, the universe conspires to build a path for you. It’s not that you don’t need to plan a route, but first connecting to the future you want to create gives you the creativity to come up with a sound – but malleable – plan, and the motivation to stick with it when times are hard. You’ll also notice that as soon as you get clear and vocal about what you want to create in your life, opportunity comes a knockin’!

I created the M.V.P. model of connecting to the future you want for yourself, after using it for some time on myself. To connect to your WOW, we will:


Visualise what success would look like

Project you into this visualisation. See, feel, hear, touch & taste success to really connect with the sensations you want to create in your life.


I’ve found that the best plans change as you progress, especially when you’re continually tapped into your soul’s messages, so it’s important to set milestones that could be achieved in a number of ways rather than non-negotiable goals & targets with specific, set-in-stone tasks to reach them. This way, as your situation changes, you can change path accordingly without feeling like you’ve ‘failed’. I like to work with a 3-6-9 model of dreamscaping (my preferred term to goal setting) to suit this softer, more intuitive approach.

Are you ready to use this approach in living more in alignment with your soul? Check out my offerings to see how we can work together!