Do you feel like on paper, everything is going in the right direction…but still something is missing? You’ve got the job, the partner, the social life, the support network. But you also have the negative thoughts, the constant anxiety, the fear of not being enough and the sleepless nights.

And you wonder, who am I to feel miserable, unfulfilled or depressed?

Let me tell you something. Emotions don’t discriminate. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar heiress or a struggling mum, suffering is a fact of life. And suffering stems from not living in alignment with your soul.

Or maybe you’ve already moved past that stage. You’ve done the work. Or at least, you thought you had…but every so often your ‘old’ self seems to hijack your body and mind, and undo so much of the progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I’ve been there. And it sucks. But everything is impermanent. 

By taking a holistic view of our wellbeing, and creating our own, unique path, we can learn to live a soul-centred life, instead of chasing fleeting moments of joy, peace and enlightenment.

I’m not a yogi. But yoga is part of my spiritual practice and my spiritual offering.

I’m not an astrologer. But I look to the stars for guidance.

I’m not a herbalist. But I use the sacred power of Mother Nature’s medicine in my healing.

I am a holistic healer & coach. That means I draw on a range of teachings, tools & techniques to heal myself and those I work with. I combine these experiences with coaching practices to make change that lasts.

I find wellbeing through living in accordance with my soul, and that is what I want for you too.

If you’re reading this, I can assume that you know you need to make a change.

Perhaps you’re not sure what exactly that looks like – but you’re ready to try.

If any of the above resonated with you, then I think I can help. It’s my mission to help us all live a soul-centred life.

I’ve done it for myself, I’ve done it for others – and together, we can do it for you.