how to start a side hustle babs ofori

Do you feel unfulfilled by your day job? Maybe it doesn’t quite fit your purpose – or maybe you’re not even sure what your purpose is?

Running a side hustle is a great way to get more fulfilment in life than you do with a typical 9 to 5. It’s also a brilliant way to follow your passions or to live your purpose, in addition to holding down a steady income.

By working through my new eBook, you will:

  • get a better understanding of what it means to run a side hustle & figure out whether or not it’s for you
  • connect with your passions & your purpose…and see if you can draw on them to create a side hustle
  • discover how you can live that #sidehustle life without negatively impacting on your wellbeing
  • learn from other side hustlers who’ve been there already!

Complete with case studies and exercises, this eBook could be your first step to more fulfilment. Available now on Amazon!

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